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UX Magazine
Prioritizing Problems to Inform Product Design
So You're an Academic Who Wants to Make the Shift to UX Research
Business Insider
More Intelligent People are Quicker to Learn and Unlearn Social Stereotypes, New Research Says
Huffington Post
Hard to Think Straight: Processing Prejudice
American Civil Liberties Union
Nondiscrimination in Health Programs and Activities 
International Commission of Jurists
Amicus Brief for Asylum Seekers
Center for American Progress
LGBT Communities and the Affordable Care Act
California Department of Health Care Services
Maternal and Child Health Services Title V Block Grant
Status of Women in the States
Health and Well-Being
Association for Psychological Science
Hard to Think Straight: Processing Prejudice
Whitman-Walker Health
Presentation for American Bar Association: Health Challenges for LGBT People
Cigna Healthcare
LGBT Health Resources
The Williams Institute
Amicus Briefs for International Discrimination Litigation
Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth
Annual Policy Recommendations 
Windy City Times
Anti-Gay Prejudice Linked to Physical Health Disparities
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